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Why use a brow and lash serum?

Answer me these few simple questions and you will never again wonder why you should use a brow a lash serum.

You wouldn’t shampoo your hair without conditioning it, would you?

You wash your face at least twice a day with your cleanser and then you probably apply a moisturiser to rehydrate your skin, am I right? So when do you rehydrate your lashes and brows? Your lash and brow hairs often have makeup on them, mascara, brow gel and more and then you cleanse them till they’re squeaky clean. Your next step should be to rehydrate and condition your brow and lash hair.

fresh brows and lash lift

By doing this you will be keep them healthy and in good condition. If you are someone who likes to get your eye treatments done, such as a lash lift or brow lamination then you NEED to be using serum as an aftercare. This is the only way to keep them in good nick. If you don’t look after your brow and lash hair between your treatments you can over process the hair, leaving it thin and delicate. Imagine bleaching your hair over and over again but never condition it or using a mask to protect it, like Olaplex?? You wouldn’t dream of letting your hair get fried and snap, so why wouldn’t you treat your brows and lashes the same?

I would recommend using a good brow and lash serum and apply it 1-2 times daily to keep your hairs in tiptop condition!

Brow Lamination and Lash Lift

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