My mission is to enhance women's confidence through their own natural beauty. Whether you love full glam or a minimal look to make you feel good, we support that. Nobody's confidence is driven from the same place, but feeling good about yourself is the common goal. If it's simply fresh glowing skin to make you feel great or a boss red lipstick to really make you feel like you can conquer your day, we get it! When I see people get excited about a skincare/makeup product, it makes me excited, and that's why I decided to launch Illuminate as a brand because I wanted to spread and share that happiness. 

 Tell me more...

I launched Naked Serum in November 2022 when I saw the effect of over treating and under caring for your brows lashes. Brow and lash treatments have become so popular in recent years but nobody told us how to maintain the quality of hair. Enter, the Naked Serum. The Naked Serum was created as a way to help nourish and condition your brows and lashes in an easy way.

Naked Serum was created to give you salon quality aftercare at home. With the easy to use mascara wand like brush, you reach and nourish each and every brow and lash hair. Packed full of luxurious ingredients such as Rosemary Leaf Extract, Argon Oil, Squlane Hydration and more. Illuminate was created when I saw a need for brow and lash aftercare

 Naked Serum is your go to Brow and Lash skincare product to create nourished and conditioned hair allowing it to grow, longer, fuller and most importantly healthier.


Shauna xo