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How do I take care of my brows and lashes between appointments?

When we colour our hair we always look after it by using hair masks and conditioner, even after you get your nails done we should be using cuticle oil. So we need to make sure that after we tint, laminate and lift our brows and lashes that we give them everything they need to recover!

So before your appointment for a regular tint and wax you should avoid wearing fake tan. The tan and tint can mix together and create a green/orange tinge, which nobody wants! If you use retinol you’v should also stop using that on your skin a week before your waxing appointment. Keep brows and lashes clean before your appointment, this will ensure your tint takes perfectly, as we need a blank canvas to work on. Post care for your wax and tint, you should avoid tan and sunbeds for at least 24 hours! (You should actually avoid sunbeds always in my opinion, but hey that’s none of my business!). Also no active skincare should be used on the waxed area as it can be quite sensitive.

Brow lamination and lash lift combo

For my brow lamination and lash lift gals! The prep is the same, no tan and clean brows before appointment, no retinol a week before, however post care there is a little extra. You must not get your brows or lashes wet for 24 hours after your appointment! This is a big no no. Particularly with Lash Lift you need to also keep them away from steam or excess heat. If they’re exposed to this, the lift in your lashes will drop, and it will be like you never had the treatment. Similar with the lamination, you need to keep them dry and you also need to let them set in place for 24hours. It’s soo tempting to brush them straight after your appointment, but in order to get the full 6-8 weeks out of your treatment you should resist and let them set.

After 24 hours has passed you will be able to brush your brows and lashes, and wear makeup and product in them too! Your long term, day to day aftercare is quite important too. When you are washing your face with different products, wearing makeup it can dry out your brows. Especially if you’re getting the, tinted, laminated or a lash lift done it can really cause corse and dry hairs. This is where your brow and lash serum comes in, you should be applying it at least 1-2 times per day, depending on how dehydrated the hair is. Applying this daily will ensure that your lash and brow hair is rehydrated and healthy. If you don’t have your hair in a healthy condition when getting treatments done it can cause the hair to snap, break or even a loss of hair can happen if they are not correctly maintained. Make sure you do this to keep the hair conditioned and healthy!

Brow and lash combo

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