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Based on 11 reviews

Within a few weeks this product has made my eyelashes longer. Great product.

Illuminate Naked Serum
Stephanie Lennon

Already seeing improvements in my lashes/brows. Love this serum!

Naked serum

Been using this product for a couple of days now and I love it. Great customer care too. Thank you

This helped grow my lashes after having lash extensions!

I'm loving the naked serum, my brows are never flaky and dry anymore and I use it all the time for styling them too. Also found I lost a lot of lashes after having lash extensions but they’re starting to fill back out now thank god, it’s a great all rounder product!

Obsessed, I even carry one in my handbag!

Literally obsessed with the Naked Serum. My brows have really improved. They've become much more healthy and conditioned since I started using it. It's now part of my skincare routine, morning and night! I even have one in my handbag!

Great purchase

Fresh brows and Naked Serum = Life Changing

Great Irish Product

I was delighted to receive my Illuminate Naked Serum, It is a lovely product and great to purchase an Irish product I saw it showcased on the Today Show.

Amazing Serum

Got the monthly tweeze yesterday and she couldn't get over the length and fullness of the few brow hairs I have, she actually had to trim them! I'm putting it down to your amazing serum.


Shauna, I can see a big difference in with the serum already. I'm actually able to put mascara on now, before I was fighting to catch a few eyelashes! And my brows are a lot fuller!


LOVE this product! An absolute must have for me, especially as someone who gets brow lamination and lash lifts. Naked Serum keeps them feeling nourished and healthy. Obsessed!